Black  colour chart black Tangerine  colour chart tangerine
 Mild gray  colour chart mild gray  Bright orange  colour chart bright orange
 Cloud gray  colour chart cloud gray  Traffic yellow  colour chart traffic yellow
 Mist gray  colour chart mist gray  Canary yellow  colour chart canary yellow
 Powder gray  colour chart powder gray  Pastel yellow  colour chart pastel yellow
 White  colour chart white  Lime yellow  colour chart limw yellow
 Linen  colour chart linen  Lime green  colour chart lime green
 Biscuit  colour chart biscuit  Loerie green  colour chart loerie green
 Light stone  colour chart light stone  Brilliant green  colour chart brilliant green
 Sand stone  colour chart sand stone  Moss green  colour chart moss green
 Dark brown  colour chart dark brown  Flag blue  colour chart flag blue
 Chocolate brown  colour chart chocolate brown  Strong blue  colour chart strong blue
 Signal red  colour chart signal red  Knysna blue  colour chart knysna blue
 Protea pink  colour chart protea pink  Pool blue  colour chart pool blue
 Cosmos pink  colour chart cosmos pink  Jacaranda  colour chart jacaranda
 Light peach  colour chart light peach  Violet  colour chart violet
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